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  • Demon love spell, vol. 1 by Mayu Shinjo

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    The author of the book: Mayu Shinjo

    Book Title: Demon love spell, vol. 1

    Date of issue: December 18th 2012

    Edition: VIZ Media: Shojo Beat

    Page views: 5885

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Dear God this thing was hysterical!Played straight, this would have been boring, perhaps a little creepy, and certainly not worth reading. Done the way it was, everything was so over-the-top you couldn't help but start laughing. Shinjo definitely succeeded in making a manga you can't help but crack up at.Besides just laughs, "Demon Love Spell" also has an entertaining starring duo. I can't help but love Miko, who accidentally gets it right when she tries to seal a demon. Miko's got strong opinions and a loud mouth to go with it, as well as an interest in the occult that borderlines on obsessive and a punchline to go with just about any of her shrine priestess "spells". Somehow, those qualities make her more awesome than annoying, especially when paired with Kagura, the super sexy/adorable incubus she manages to bind with her shrine-priestess abilities. Kagura's just as ridiculously over-the-top as Miko, making them an excellent slapstick pair as well as a very interesting couple. These two put the "dynamic" in "dynamic duo" and when they aren't having a exciting shouting match they are having a tender, if awkward, moment.The art is also surprisingly good for a comedy. The story's not just great, the art is really pretty to look at.If you like the demon-romance genre, this is a great book to giggle with.

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Frankly, double

This book changed my life!

Book will go one time.

Interesting, exciting story.

A book that leaves a whole bunch of emotions after reading

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