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  • Kellie's diary #2 by Thomas  Jenner

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It has been a while since I read the first in this series, which was a short story, so I read it again to be able to make sense of this second installment. Know what? I thoroughly enjoyed it again!This second installment, which takes place almost a year after the first, was longer than the original, a novella this time, and was available as both a graphic and standard written downloaded book. Yet again, I've read the graphic version which is written in a diary form by the protagonist of the series. It makes the story seem all that more real, spelling mistakes and all, as Kelly has just now turned ten and Barbie, her diary, has been with her from the start. It is a character of sorts in itself and I just don't think you would get the full experience and feel if you read it as a standard book.Broken into short chapters makes it a very quick read with a natural flow about it. My god, it packs a punch though!! Fear, loneliness, starvation, anxiety, despair, craziness, hurt, apathy and elation ..... it's all there and you feel every word of it. It brings out all your emotions, especially when you remind yourself of just how young and alone Kelly is. Just her .... and the "monsters".I know I've downloaded the 3rd in the series, which takes place after another break of time, and I'm scouring my Kindle now for it! An excellent epic, broken down into highly readable, immensely enjoyable chunks.

Reviews for the book Kellie's diary #2

You want to waste your time? This book fits perfectly.

Why do I need to write a phone number?

A book that completely overturned consciousness

After this book, I look at the world with different eyes!

The book is a masterpiece that makes a richer soul, speech, and wider horizon.

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