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  • The fall of advertising and the rise of pr by Al Ries

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    The author of the book: Al Ries

    ISBN 13: 9780060081997

    Date of issue: May 11th 2004

    Edition: HarperBusiness

    Book Title: The fall of advertising and the rise of pr

    ISBN: 0060081996

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Bestselling authors and world-renowned marketing strategists Al and Laura Ries usher in the new era of public relations.Today's major brands are born with publicity, not advertising. A closer look at the history of the most successful modern brands shows this to be true. In fact, an astonishing number of brands, including Palm, Starbucks, the Body Shop, Wal-Mart, Red Bull and Zara have been built with virtually no advertising.Using in-depth case histories of successful PR campaigns coupled with those of unsuccessful advertising campaigns, The Fall of Advertising provides valuable ideas for marketers -- all the while demonstrating whyadvertising lacks credibility, the crucial ingredient in brand building, and how only PR can supply that credibility;the big bang approach advocated by advertising people should be abandoned in favor of a slow build-up by PR;advertising should only be used to maintain brands once they have been established through publicity.Bold and accessible, The Fall of Advertising is bound to turn the world of marketing upside down.

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A book that completely overturned consciousness

A book that impressed me to the depths of my soul.

A useful book to free yourself from negative emotions and joy.

Just a terrific book.

Interesting, exciting story.

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