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  • Capitana marvel y los carol corps by Kelly Sue Deconnick

    Edition: Panini Comics

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    Date of issue: April 2016

    The author of the book: Kelly Sue Deconnick

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    Book Title: Capitana marvel y los carol corps

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This is one of Doom’s Warzones! Happiness is not allowed! So keep those smiles to yourself and suck it!!Dr. Doom uses an army of Thors to keep his different worlds in line and in this volume a little more is revealed: He chooses one being from each of the Battleworlds to make up his Thor battalions.Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers and the Carol Corps are stuck on a little sliver of an isle called Hala Field and questions about the nature of things start to pop up, including the mysterious source and nature of her origin.The Thors are the impediment to the Corps to discovery until Captain Marvel and the ladies encounter (view spoiler)[ and under orders, blow up (hide spoiler)] a ship piloted by James Rhodes (War Machine in a different reality), who are also trying to push the boundaries in their own little segment of Doomscape.This one starts off painfully slow but builds to a grand showdown with the Thor squad.This volume includes an issue (#17) from Captain Marvel continuity that has an A story and C artwork.Bottom Line: One of the better Secret Wars volumes, probably because DeConnick, the regular writer on Captain Marvel was given the creative chores. Recommended for her fans of the title.Upward and onward, Carol Corps!!

Reviews for the book Capitana marvel y los carol corps

I never liked the book.

Very controversial Vpechalenija

This book will make you shudder, infiltrate, and change your mind about this crazy world.

Now this book is one of my favorites!

Why is she out! It must be endless!

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