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  • 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson

    Book Title: 245 Days

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Ashley Brennan, son of a luxury hotel chain billionaire, is happy teaching business and consulting. Moving from California to an opportunity in Connecticut at the prestigious New England University, Ashley takes it to escape a string of bad luck in the romance department. Meeting Taylor at the off campus bar, The Library, Ashley, feels his luck may be changing.Taylor Davis is nearing the end of his college career and looking forward to moving out west, escaping the cold winters of the North and possibly the judgement of his parents, who don’t yet know his sexual orientation. After only a handful of brief “relationships,” Taylor’s not so sure love is in the cards for him, until he meets Ashley. Everything with Ashley feels so comfortable, so natural. When Ashley and Taylor put together that Ashley is Taylor’s professor, how will they make it 245 Days to the end of the school year when Taylor graduates and is no longer off limits? And even if they can make it to the end of the year, will everything else in their lives still line up?*** 245 Days is a 83,500 word standalone, MM, Student-Teacher, Contemporary Erotic Romance with No Cheating. No Cliffhangers.

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