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  • At woomeroo by Daniel Quinn

    The author of the book: Daniel Quinn

    Book Title: At woomeroo

    ISBN: 1477599975

    Date of issue: June 28th 2012

    ISBN 13: 9781477599976

    Uploaded: 1900 times

    Edition: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

    Page views: 3164

    Last download: 8 days ago

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At Woomeroo is a land . . . where mirrors wink in the sunlight as people signal one another from the hilltops . . . where a squirming pink infant, babbling with excitement, arrives by mail . . . where a man turns his kite over to his small son, who is borne off by it over the hill . . . where a rooster says,"Oh good. Wonderful fine beautiful good. Really. Because now I'm going to kill you" . . . where between Tiffany's and Ferragamo stands Tetwilder's, a boutique dealing in designer children . . . where a king struggles to evade an inescapable curse . . . where, with the addition of a girl's packing crate, the boy's refrigerator carton becomes a commodious two-room hovel . . . where a digger finds all sorts of things in the ground, including an attractive young woman . . . where a top court confirms: No Civil Rights for Stomachs . . . where it gets to be time for visits, and the children from the workhouse come, weeping in their rags and sooty shoes, and everyone begins to feel much better . . . where a girl standing in the boundless sea shakes her head and asks with perfect innocence: "What is land?" . . . where as a captive in Japan, a U.S. State Department courier hones his skills playing table tennis with the unacknowledged son of the Emperor Hirohito.

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Why are you asking for a phone number?

I never liked the book.

I read the whole book with a stupid smile on my face. General advice to everyone!

This book would read to every man for ...

This book is worth reading!

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