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  • The leper of st. giles by Ellis Peters

    ISBN 13: 9780449205419

    Book Title: The leper of st. giles

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    ISBN: 044920541X

    Edition: Fawcett

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    Date of issue: February 12th 1985

    The author of the book: Ellis Peters

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W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L S*T*O*R*Y !!!!!!First I read A Morbid Taste for Bones, and yeah I liked it. Then I listened to the dramatization version on BBC Radio of The Virgin in the Ice. Njah, I really wasn't turned on. BUT, dear Gundula, told me to try another, so I did! I tried St. Peter's Fair. Now that was really, really good! I read a book by another author and just had to return to Ellis Peters. And then I read this: The Leper of Saint Giles. Superb, wonderful, fantastic. All the things I liked about "St. Peter's Fair" I also liked about this book too. So to get a full picture please read my review of that here: I want to add here is that the author's words used to describe the English medieval world are beautiful and perfect. I didn't stress this adequately in my review of the previous book.Taste these lines about the countryside filled with - "richly wooded countryside" and "lush meadows" and "heads of trees" nodding before her or here "He had eyes like pebbles under a sun-lit brook, as hard and dear and as fluid and elusive in their glance..." (from chapters four and five)"Plentiful timber of all kinds too for the wheelwright's stock. Elm essential for the stock. Oak to provide the cleft heartwood for the spokes with the grain unbroken and springy, subtle ash to make the curved fallows of the rim wood." (Chapter 8)And when the action gets into full swing, there is ..."the blade flashing in the torchlight!" (Chapter 10)I like how every element of the story is neatly tied up. I like how the events build to a crescendo, and then when you think you have reached the climax there is even more to the story! The murders pile up! I like how the women have strength, and when they get mad they really speak their mind. Agnes proclaims: "But you have not reckoned with me!" No characters added to the story are superfluous; each one has a specific role to play. But what I loved best was the story, the mystery itself. I loved how it was solved. I loved every bit of it, how it all held together, and how I kept guessing to the very end. With the final words, I understood every single event! All the parts held together perfectly. This is a piece of perfect storytelling, from start to finish. And oh yes, you also learn about how leprosy was viewed back then in the medieval ages. This one gets five stars from me. The narration by Johanna Ward was spot-on! Just perfect! No distracting background noise this time!I am off to read another by this great author! Immediately. The next will be: The Sanctuary Sparrow!

Reviews for the book The leper of st. giles

A cozy book that teaches small things, happiness, in detail!

Rarely do the books make me cry, but this one could.

Total disappointment

Fantastic book!

Not impressed

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