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  • Albion calling by Stuart Ayris

    ISBN: 1786451026

    Date of issue: December 5th 2016

    Last download: 11 days ago

    Book Title: Albion calling

    ISBN 13: 9781786451026

    Page views: 3824

    Uploaded: 1373 times

    The author of the book: Stuart Ayris

    Edition: Beaten Track Publishing

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Henry John Bateman is a hospital porter. He drinks too much alcohol, does too much cocaine and has been married too many times.Yet somehow, he discovers, beneath the staples of an old map, a small piece of land owned by no man, no lord, no council and no government, and he sets out for that land so that he may rest his weary head.But it was never going to be that easy. Not for Henry John Bateman. Not once he meets Oh Emmylou. Not with that bakery girl he’s left behind who might be alive or she might be dead. And certainly not when Albion comes calling…

Reviews for the book Albion calling

The book has disappointed, little new, lots of water!

The most favorite book of all books

The most favorite book of all books

Total disappointment

Interesting, exciting story.

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