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  • An introduction to zoo biology and management by Paul A. Rees

    Date of issue: May 6th 2011

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    ISBN 13: 9781405193504

    The author of the book: Paul A. Rees

    Book Title: An introduction to zoo biology and management

    ISBN: 1405193506

    Edition: Wiley-Blackwell

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This book is intended as an introductory text for students studyinga wide range of courses concerned with animal management, zoobiology and wildlife conservation, and should also be useful tozookeepers and other zoo professionals. It is divided into threeparts. Part 1 considers the function of zoos, their history, howzoos are managed, ethics, zoo legislation and wildlife conservationlaw. Part 2 discusses the design of zoos and zoo exhibits, animalnutrition, reproduction, animal behaviour (including enrichment andtraining), animal welfare, veterinary care, animal handling andtransportation. Finally, Part 3 discusses captive breedingprogrammes, genetics, population biology, record keeping, and theeducational role of zoos, including a consideration of visitorbehaviour. It concludes with a discussion of the role of zoos inthe conservation of species in the wild and in speciesreintroductions. This book takes an international perspective andincludes a wide range of examples of the operation of zoos andbreeding programmes particularly in the UK, Europe, North Americaand Australasia.Visit toaccess the artwork from the book.

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