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  • 50 Great curries of india by Camellia Panjabi

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    Book Title: 50 Great curries of india

    Edition: Kyle Cathie

    Date of issue: 1995

    ISBN: 1856263517

    ISBN 13: 9781856263511

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    The author of the book: Camellia Panjabi

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This is without a doubt the best recipe book for Indian dishes that I have ever encountered.I first saw this book on a passionate cook's bookshelf and asked him about it. He highly recommended it, so I took a photo of one of the recipes (Lamb Korma Pilaf) and tried it at home. It was so incredibly good that I immediately went online and ordered a copy of the book for my own collection.I have a strong preference for lamb curries, so I have returned to the Lamb Korma Pilaf several times now, each time with excellent results. I have also made the Mutton Curry (Andhra style), Lamb Curry (Madras style) and the Lamb with Spinach (palak gosht). To be honest, these lamb curries were all so good, that I've neglected the other recipes and made these over and over again!Tonight I made the Lamb with Spinach again and decided that I had to recommend this book on Goodreads. Paging through the book, so many other recipes caught my eye, that I've decided to cook a different dish from this book at least once a week.The book is extremely thorough, discussing the historical background of Indian cuisine, detailing all the ingredients and the different names, explaining what curry is and how it is made in modern India. Indian home cooks tend to be just as pressed for time as the rest of us, so they can't exactly spend hours grinding spices and cooking up a storm. Luckily, their shortcuts are shared here, along with a base recipe for quick curries. The book covers all the regions in India, so you will find dishes from Kerala and Goa, from Andhra and Punjab, all the way up along the map to Kashmir.The photographs accompanying the recipes are lovely and show exactly what the finished dish will look like. It's difficult to make curry dishes look pretty, so I take my hat off to the food stylist and photographer!A word of warning to inexperienced or hasty cooks. Read the recipes well in advance. Many require several hours, waiting for meat to marinate in sauces. Also, don't skip mise en place - make sure all the ingredients are prepped and ready to go. For most of the recipes, a lot of spices are required, so it's easier to measure them out before you start cooking than to try and get everything together while the onions are browning. I admit that I don't always follow my own advice (tonight I was supposed to soak the meat in milk for 15 minutes - nope! Mise en place? Nah, just shake out spices over steaming pots...), but I find the cooking process infinitely more enjoyable when I do it properly.If you enjoy Indian food, get this book and get yourself to a spice shop, because you are in for a treat.

Reviews for the book 50 Great curries of india

A hard book, obviously not for everyone.

Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Just an incredibly scary, deep and interesting book, penetration to shivers!

I read the whole book with a stupid smile on my face. General advice to everyone!

The book that found the answer to my question

An interesting book, not like the other

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