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  • Queste by Angie Sage

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    Date of issue: October 13th 2009

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    The author of the book: Angie Sage

    Edition: Katherine Tegen Books

    Book Title: Queste

    ISBN: 0061757055

    ISBN 13: 9780061757051

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The fourth book in the internationally bestselling Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, featuring the funny and fantastic adventures of a wizard apprentice and his quest to become an ExtraOrdinary Wizard.New York Times Bestselling Series"Breezy charm, gusts of spectacular Magyk and a buoyant plot combining drama and comedy in just the right proportions." --Kirkus Reviews (starred review)"The Septimus Heap series remains one of the best outcomes of the young-wizard furor catalyzed by Harry Potter." --ALA BooklistThere's trouble at the Castle, and it's all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus. More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume, the ghost of the very first Chief Hermetic Scribe, who is determined to send Septimus on a deadly Queste. But Septimus and Jenna have other plans--they are headed for the mysterious House of Foryx, a place where all Time meets and the place where they fervently hope they will be able to find Nicko and Snorri, who were trapped back in time in Physik. But how will Septimus escape the Queste?

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Contradictory. On the one hand, it pulls in and on the other ...

All right, quick download.

On one Breath

How many times did I read ...-not boring! )))

Best among ordinary

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