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  • The lonely scarecrow by Tim Preston

    Book Title: The lonely scarecrow

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    ISBN: 0525460802

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    The author of the book: Tim Preston

    Date of issue: September 1st 1999

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    ISBN 13: 9780525460800

    Edition: Dutton Juvenile

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While reading this, hearing that the scarecrow is out in the field through all the seasons, I wonder why he’s left out like that. It seems that they’d only be out in the fall, but I’m not a farmer, and have never had a scarecrow out to keep birds away, so maybe they leave them out all year?By the illustrations it’s hard to see what the scarecrow is made of, and why he has a metal mouth. His hands look like a humans would inside a glove, entirely too real looking. Not like a scarecrow would look. Instead of having a cloth face, his face looks like a cantaloupe. Also, he has a metal mouth that the animals are scared of, and I’ve never known a scarecrow to have a metal mouth before. That needed some explaining, because why is his mouth made of metal? Here again, it was too life-like. His mouth was actually open, a gaping black hole, and he had pointing white teeth that looked like shark teeth.In the spring he watches the animals play at the edge of the field, listens to ducks and watches the birds make nests.When the wheat in the field grows tall, the scarecrow becomes almost covered, and he can’t see the animals anymore, or here the lark’s song. When the combine comes to mow down the wheat, the animals hide from it, and the scarecrow stood alone in the field.Fall comes and the leaves fall from the tree. The breeze turns cold and the animals run to their burrows and nests. The scarecrow felt even more lonely, because he knew winter was coming. My heart went out to him then. You can feel how lonely he is and how much he just wants friends.Snow starts to fall on the still woods and silent fields. The animals wake up to find the world had changed overnight. A thick blanket of snow covered everything, and in the scarecrows place was a jolly snowman.It’s a bit of a stretch for the snow to cover the scarecrow, and turn his scary face into a jolly one. There’s no way his metal mouth would suddenly turn into a smile. Or that the animals wouldn’t recognize his coat, beady eyes, or nose. But I guess readers are supposed to go along with it for the sake of the story.The creatures happily play around the scarecrow, and the scarecrow is cheerful and bright. However, he worried how the animals would react when the snow melted and discovered that the snowman was really the scarecrow.The way it’s written, the melting process seems to take place in a matter of seconds. As the animals are on him, seemingly from the same scene before when they played on him in the snow, the snow suddenly melts off of him, and the animals are shocked to see it’s really the scarecrow. A bird pecks his hat and a mouse crawls in his coat, and the scarecrow knows he’ll never be lonely again.I was hoping those weren’t the last words of the book, but they were. The ending felt too sudden. There wasn’t enough of a lesson or a heart-touching moment at the end. How does the scarecrow know, just by the animals being around him, that he’s never gonna be alone? I felt like there could have been more of a lesson on the animals’ part, and more of a realization of them about the scarecrow actually not being scary, and not judging appearances or something. It ended right when there could have been a good lesson, and the ending wasn’t conclusive enough. It could have went on to say how they were all friends after that through all the coming seasons, just to have a more definitive ending.The illustrations were a little old-fashioned. However, I liked the texture in the drawings, particularly the tracks the animals left in the snow, and the flowers. I thought the illustrations of the field with the flowers in them, with the blue sky and puffy clouds, were the prettiest. The fields reminded me of the poppy field in The Wizard of Oz. The pages where the scarecrow is covered by wheat are cute.This isn't the traditional scarecrow, with overalls and a flannel shirt, with a cute face. I much prefer the traditional kind. This one was dressed in cast-off clothing, and the tattered coat, hat, and metal mouth made him look creepy. Which I guess is why the animals were scared of him, and was the whole point to the story, but I prefer cuter scarecrows. I didn’t like how some pages had a white background and only a small scene illustrated on the page. I like for the whole page to be covered. The promise of the beautiful illustrations from the book jacket did not live up to how they actually were in the book. I went in expecting incredible artwork, and that wasn't the case.

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