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  • Gift of sight by Chartel Amos

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    Edition: dpInk: Donnaink Publications, L.L.C.

    The author of the book: Chartel Amos

    Date of issue: July 20th 2015

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    ISBN: 1939425719

    ISBN 13: 9781939425713

    Book Title: Gift of sight

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Introduction to, "Gift of Sight," by Ms. Chartel Amos. Here's the back-story: When the young Faidh (Gaelic for Seer), Ellen Floyd, is summoned before the Norse Gods of Old, she doesn't expect to have her gift challenged. Nor does she expect to have her life turned inside out . . . Cheyenne Hinds is the first and only Valkyrie member of the FBI SOTF (Supernatural Occult Task Force) Division. When she and her partner and lover Loren Allen receive a call sending them to a crime scene in the middle of the Mohave Desert she realizes someone or something is killing off her kind. Investigating the case she discovers her families twisted, dark, hidden past may be the connection to so many paranormal deaths. As she tries to piece together the clues a danger unlike any she's ever known draws closer, until all that stands between Cheyenne and death are three strange and mysterious Valkyrie who have been in protective hiding all across Euro-America. ___________________ Facebook https: // Twitter http: // WordPress https: //

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Now this book is one of my favorites!

Black and White

A book that impressed me to the depths of my soul.

One of my favorite

I was inspired by this book!

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