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  • Hector and hummingbird by Nicholas John Frith

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    ISBN: 0545857015

    The author of the book: Nicholas John Frith

    Edition: Arthur A. Levine Books

    Page views: 4709

    Book Title: Hector and hummingbird

    Date of issue: March 29th 2016

    ISBN 13: 9780545857017

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This is about friendship between an introverted bear who needs a little “me time”, and a hummingbird who has no off switch. The story is cute, but the real charm of the book is in the wonderful illustrations which manage to be both simple (using broad-stokes and a limited colour palate) and complex (each page has numerous other animals that are partially camouflaged). It is the illustrations that will bring the kids back to this book over and over again, and the author was wise to include both common creatures (toucan and jaguar) and some exotic ones ( andean cock-of-the-rock and hercules beetle). I can see how this simple story could easily spark a curiosity in a young mind to learn more about jungle animals.

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It reads on one breath.

The best ... And the most interesting, bright, fascinating ...

A wonderful book, like all the works of this author.

This book is worth reading!

The book is really worthy of the bestseller!

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