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  • The lilac sky: the troma chronicles by Diana Gardin

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    Book Title: The lilac sky: the troma chronicles

    Date of issue: February 10th 2017

    The author of the book: Diana Gardin

    ISBN: 1542481228

    ISBN 13: 9781542481229

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    Last download: 8 days ago

    Edition: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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"Do you hear me, Isla? Survive." Those are the last words seventeen-year-old Isla hears from her parents. She's placed into a cylinder craft and catapulted through space, saying goodbye to them and her precious, dying Earth. Crash-landing on a foreign planet, Isla stumbles into a striking Troman warrior, Rygen. He is shocked to discover a human deep in the jungles of his planet but with his home in political turmoil, he has no desire to assist the weak creature. Knowing that she'll never survive without them, Isla convinces Rygen and his comrades to escort her, but she has no time to catch her breath. The dangerous journey navigating the rugged, lush terrain of Troma with the strong and brooding Rygen is only the beginning of Isla's battle. Isla never dreamed her very existence would threaten to throw the foreign planet into a gruesome revolution. Hunted by radicals as she discovers her dormant powerful Gift, Isla fights not only for survival but also for the her heart's true desire. But only time will tell if she can truly endure on a hostile planet where her kind just doesn't fit.

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