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  • Saffy's angel by Hilary Mckay

    Date of issue: September 3rd 2009

    ISBN 13: 9780340989043

    Edition: Hodder Children's Books

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    The author of the book: Hilary Mckay

    Book Title: Saffy's angel

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Saffy's Angel is poignant and hilarious, and very, very British, and absolutely fabulous. I don't quite know how to recap it without ruining the constant surprise of the humor, but why don't you meet the characters?Here's Rose: Rose was still awake, late though it was. She was painting a desert landscape on the white wall of the landing. She had got rid of her father very successfully when he telephoned. Saffron had hardly been mentioned; the discussion had been all about art. The desert landscape was the direct result of her father's telling her to start small and stick to painting only what she knew.Meet Sarah: "I will say I want to take my beanbag," said Sarah, ignoring Saffron's squeaks on the phone. "I often take my beanbag on car trips. It's enormous and you're not very big. I'll empty it out and cover you in the cover and pile a lot of stuff around, and they'll never notice. They're used to me having a lot of stuff. As you know. What do you say?""Goodbye," said Saffron. "You have obviously gone mad."There's Caddy, of the debatable driving skills and immersive studying techniques and love of guinea pigs. She's quirky and individual, a quintessential Casson, but also a recognizable teenager, and I wish she was in the story more.There's Indigo of the photographic ears, who tries to combat fear of heights by facing it head-on - to be more specific, by dangling his feet off his second-story bedroom windowsill. (Don't worry, though, he can hold onto the curtains; they're very sturdy.)And, of course, there's Saffron, the Saffy of the title, who isn't on the Casson color chart. Who meets Sarah, the girl next door, and finds out that maybe Eve isn't just messing around painting in the shed.Who is willed a stone angel by her grandfather - a stone angel that is missing.I haven't even mentioned the adults yet - Mr. and Mrs. Warbeck! Peter the taxi driver! The dysfunctional parenting duo of Eve and Bill! Michael the driving instructor!The book builds its characters very cleverly, with little anecdotes just real enough to be inherently humorous and smart enough to be intentionally, side-splittingly funny. Then comes the end of the book, one giant laugh-out-loud conclusion as all the pieces come together in ridiculous, unexpected ways complete with sparkling dialogue and notes from Rose. (The notes from Rose are not to be missed.)This isn't much of a review - in fact, I'm amazed I got out this much - and it's fractured because I've been rereading chapters and checking paperback prices in between paragraphs. Saffy's Angel is that great.

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The first review I put my soul in.

Another one-time book, but it was interesting.

The most cool book

Do you need a book to diversify your evening? Maybe you found her.

Rarely do the books make me cry, but this one could.

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