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Serious mixed feelings. On the positive side, I really, really related to Petula's situation. A terrible family tragedy has made her fearful and wary. I'm not a therapist (and she's not real) but it seemed to me that her grief and guilt triggered (or worsened) some underlying anxiety/OCD - she's severely germaphobic and has intrusive thoughts about more bad things happening.I'm not familiar with this author, but at times this book felt to me a little like a Canadian Sarah Dessen - troubled protagonist, troubled love interest, strong emphasis on family, and a very coherent and heavily thematic plot. There were lovely moments that charmed and moved me.On the negative side, sometimes a book with a lot of themes can seem heavy-handed. At times I thought this book read a little younger than YA, but then it had sex scenes (very sex positive, though.)The story centers around her art therapy group, which fits perfectly into the book's crafting theme but I kept wondering if glue and glitter was the extent of Petula's treatment? It seems to me she needed a "real" therapist and maybe even some medication.The other issue I had with the story was the way that tragedy and whimsy was mixed together, which didn't always work for me. Petula's mother copes with tragedy by adopting a lot of cats, which I found alarming (I'm severely allergic) yet believable. The main character and the love interest are assigned to do a project together (of course!) and decide to make a movie about Wuthering Heights starring cats and then are angry that the teacher thinks their project is weird and disrespectful.I think that was my main issue with this book - it has a tragicomic sensibility that didn't really resonate with me. I found it really jarring that the book would seem to be tackling a serious subject, like OCD or horrible, life-altering guilt, and then suddenly inject odd whimsy into things. Sometimes Petula's OCD would be dealt with sympathetically, but other times it seemed like it (and she) was being made fun of, like the fact that she keeps a scrapbook of strange, random ways that people have died. She's not compiling entries for the Darwin Awards -- she actually finds the randomness of life and death completely and utterly terrifying. Another time a character was telling a really moving story and then in the middle of it, felt compelled to mention that at the time of the story he was on his way to a bath store called ... Skip to My Loo. The mix of joking and seriousness might work for other readers with different sensibilities, but it was disconcerting to me. Read more of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin

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Time flew unnoticed.

Pozitivnenko, but naпve to the ugly.

Strongly recommend

Interesting look on the other side

The first review I put my soul in.

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