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  • Across the fence: the secret war in vietnam by John Stryker Meyer

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    The author of the book: John Stryker Meyer

    Date of issue: September 30th 2004

    Edition: Real War Stories Inc

    ISBN: 0974361801

    ISBN 13: 9780974361802

    Book Title: Across the fence: the secret war in vietnam

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For eight years, far beyond the battlefields of Vietnam and the glare of media distortions, American Green Berets fought a deadly secret war in Laos and Cambodia under the aegis of the top secret Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, or SOG.Go deep into the jungle with five SOG warriors surrounded by 10,000 enemy troops as they stack up the dead to build a human buttress for protection. Witness a Green Beret, shot in the back four times and left for dead, who survives to fight savagely against incredible odds to complete his missions. Shudder as an enemy soldier touches a Green Beret’s boot in the dark of night. Cringe as a Sergeant on SOG Spike Team Louisiana calls in an air strike on his team to break an enemy’s wave attack. A team member dies instantly, and a Green Beret has an out-of-body experience as he watches his leg get blown off. “As the commander of SOG, I can say that “Across the Fence” accurately reflects why the secret war was hazardous for our troops and so deadly for the enemy. – Major General John K. Singlaub (U. S. Army Ret.)Black Ops told with the terrifying clarity that only one who was there can tell it.– W.E.B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV

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The first review I put my soul in.

Written easily, vividly, wisely.

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