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  • Convictions by Julie Morrigan

    Date of issue: May 1st 2011

    The author of the book: Julie Morrigan

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    Book Title: Convictions

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An abducted child. A family destroyed by grief and guilt. A man of God. When 12-year-old Tina Snowdon and her little sister Annie gratefully accept a lift from a helpful stranger, she has no way of knowing that only one of them will make it home. As Tina’s life is torn apart by pain and recrimination, the only evidence the police have points to George Cotter, a pillar of the local church. But as the investigation continues, it seems that perhaps a deeper and more disturbing truth may lie behind little Annie’s abduction … ‘Convictions’ is the first novel by Julie Morrigan, the critically-acclaimed author of short story collection ‘Gone Bad’. Praise for ‘Convictions’: Tina as the troubled surviving sister is an amazing character, full of charm, vulnerability and strength in turn. The book feels in some way like an update of Ordinary People, crossed with a wonderful police procedural/mystery. Josh Stallings 'Convictions' by Julie Morrigan is a pulse-pounding thriller with its feet on the ground and its big heart peeking out from under its ragged, bloody sleeve. Paul D. Brazill This edition July 2012.

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Why do I need to write a phone number?

Fantastic book!

The book is very deep! Tip for Reading.

A cozy book that teaches small things, happiness, in detail!

A book that leaves nothing behind, no feelings, no thoughts.

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