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  • Gjennom skogen by Vigdis Hjorth

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    The author of the book: Vigdis Hjorth

    Date of issue: 1986

    Book Title: Gjennom skogen

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Vigdis Hjorth seems like she should be a pretty interesting author, so I thought I'd finally try one of her books. Since this was written almost 30 years ago, however, I won't judge her entire authorship based on it...Gjennom skogen is a snippet of a coming-of-age story about a 14 year-old girl. The problem I have with it, is that this girl is so... strange, without that strangeness ever getting to really unfold. I understand that she has zero relation to her uptight family and relatives and wants them to leave her alone, considering she's 14, but the way she relates to "the boy" is also a bit strange. She seems altogether locked inside a bubble, with no interest for any connection with other people. There are some hints at trying to become a person other than what her parents have molded her into throughout the book, but it's so short and there is never really any development. I also found her "sexual awakening" really strange. She was mostly staring at leaves or the sky, cut-off from whatever was happening. (It mostly happens in the woods.) In general, this was a bit too poetic and weird for me, but I feel like 70% of the books written in Scandinavia at that time (when I was born) are a bit like that...EDIT: I also wish Norwegian authors who want to include Swedish lyrics, dialogue, or whatever in their books would ask a Swedish person to actually look it over before publication. Left to their own devices, Norwegians go crazy with the Swedish vowel inventory and the result is never pretty.

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My life was divided into two halves: before and after reading the book!

I never liked the book.

All right, thanks fast.

Another one-time book

Pozitivnenko, but naпve to the ugly.

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