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  • Rabbi kameleon by Issachar Levi Schneerson

    Book Title: Rabbi kameleon

    ISBN: 9079656151

    Edition: Stichting Mabas

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    The author of the book: Issachar Levi Schneerson

    Date of issue: December 21st 2014

    Page views: 3392

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    ISBN 13: 9789079656165

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The hidden son of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson z""l of the Hassidic sect Chabad reveals himself. Up till now his identity was a secret, only known to the closests of Rebbe Schneerson's aides. Born in 1954 out of wedlock with a gentile mother so young he had to be raised by gentile fosterparents, the son's existence was kept secret even after his father died in 1994. All those years his father remained distant: they met twice and the son was allowed to phone him once every three months. In 2012 the son decided he would not hide any longer and he wrote this book. During his lifetime and even more so since his demise, Rebbe Schneerson has been portrayed as a saint, a miracle worker and the hidden Messiah. His son has a different vision of his father and he portrays him ruthlessly honest. Then he portrays himself in the same manner, describing his basest thoughts and acts and occasionally using obscene language. If you are a young observant Jew you must NOT read this book.

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Book will go one time.

The butterflies in my stomach have died ...

I recommend it.

Not when you can say the book is better.

Useful book, lots of information

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