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  • Flink by Doug Tennapel

    ISBN 13: 9781582408910

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    Book Title: Flink

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    Date of issue: December 4th 2007

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While I wasn't a fan of "Earthworm Jim" despite growing up around the time it was released, I count one of Doug TenNapel's other works, Ghostopolis, among my favorite graphic novels of all time. I enjoyed the quirky but nicely stylized artwork, the complex and fascinating characters, and the world and story he built, and I still hold out hope that he might release a sequel someday. I decided to give another of his works, "Flink," a chance in the meantime, hoping for another exciting outing. Sadly, while the bones of a decent story are present here, it feels massively rushed and doesn't take the time to explore its premise, and all in all is a disappointment after "Ghostopolis.""Flink" follows a boy named Conrad, who's off on a Bigfoot-hunting expedition with his father. When their plane goes down during a bad storm, Conrad is rescued by Flink, a Sasquatch whose son was taken by Bigfoot-hunters. Flink is a cranky soul, but he honestly wants to help Conrad despite his ineptness in the wild... but among their kind, being seen by humans is grounds for banishment, and Conrad is still convinced that his father is alive somewhere out in the woods. And when Conrad's efforts to find his father end up antagonizing a rabid bear in the forest, he and Flink must band together to eliminate the threat to both their kinds...Doug's artwork is a quirky, angular style, somewhat sketchy but nonetheless effective. He seems to favor a lot of close-ups in this book, which can be effective for portraying expressions but have the unfortunate side effect of making the story seem cramped and tiny in scope. Also, being solely in black-and-white mans it can be tricky to make out what's going on in panels -- at least a little shading or grayscale could have helped here.The story seems awfully rushed as well. The concept is a great one -- exploring the culture of the legendary Sasquatch, and what the rash of Bigfoot-hunters has meant for their kind -- but Doug tries to cram a lot into a short graphic novel, and as a result all aspects of the story suffer. He tries to incorporate a message about the importance of the bond between fathers and sons as well as the survival story and the conflict between the Bigfoot tribe and humanity, but there's so much going on that none of these stories get developed much. Which is a shame, as there was great potential to be had from this book."Flink" isn't terrible, but it's definitely not as good as it could have been, and the wasted potential is unfortunate to me. I wish this could have been longer, and devoted more time and page space to develop all its story aspects to their fullest. And I will continue to seek out works by Doug TenNapel. I just hope they get better from here on out...

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