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  • The ghost and the dead man's library by Alice Kimberly

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    Date of issue: September 2006

    Book Title: The ghost and the dead man's library

    The author of the book: Alice Kimberly

    ISBN 13: 9780425212653

    Edition: Berkley

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I can't really put my finger on what bothers me about this series. I did just read the first three books all in a row in a weekend, so it may just be overdose. The first one was best, but they all get three stars thanks to my rating system and the good old vague three stars. Maybe they go slightly downhill because there isn't too much new or developing throughout thus far, this woman in a small town has been connected with how many murders by now? Like six? And her husband's suicide? I would keep an eye on this lady. She's finally kind of begun to believe that Jack the ghost is real and not a figure of her imagination, but she still fights that she is attracted to him and keeps turning down any playing around in her dreams by saying she is married. I kept expecting this to become an actual discussion of if she is still considered married since death is clearly not the end. But it doesn't. Just another opportunity for 1940's noir detective slang. The slang is kind of fun, but it gets to be a lot.I also got sick of the "clever" skipping around book titles thing...she puts out the new Dan Brown (omg this book is about a code too! See what they did there?) and lots of the format things were like this, throwing me out of the book. Do we really need two or three breaks in each book so that Pen can tell us about their accent? Or that one character won on Jeopardy? Or that Pen's aunt has Shirley Maclaine highlights?Then, it may be nitpicky, but there is something so unfeminist about Pen's interactions with Jack. And it's not his 1940s views on women. It's how she always crumples when he is around and lets him take over, how she is useless when she is dreaming in his time, how she puts lights on when she breaks into a house, how she is always being attacked by large men with masks on, how she is only allowed to be something other than a delicate flower when Jack is telling her what to do/say or when she is being "mama bear" for her son. By the time she had been assaulted and arrested and rammed off the side of the road by another car, I was sick of it.I will probably pick up another one in the series at some point, just to see if anything goes anywhere, but the mystery parts don't interest me, and while it was an enjoyable read, there are better things out there. I just want to know if she's gonna bang that ghost.

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For those who are bored to live

Watch out! Maybe a fundamental change in your life!

The book is really worthy of the bestseller!

Not impressed

A book that impressed me to the depths of my soul.

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