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  • Christianity in crisis in the 21st century by Hank Hanegraaff

    Date of issue: 2009

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    Book Title: Christianity in crisis in the 21st century

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This is for the "Christianity In Crisis: The 21st Century" Edition ISBN: 978-0849900068Good reads has a different book under that isbn...."Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth..." The Apostle Paul (Acts 20:30) I knew some of the theology of the "Word of Faith" movement but I never knew just how messed up and how full of error it actually is. After reading this book it is amazing and sad how many people are hooked by the personalities and the "Name it Claim it" and the "Jesus was rich and he wants you to be too. If you want a very well documented treaty on what some of the major players in the movement are and what they say or believe and how it stands up to an Historical and Evangelical view of the Bible. Or, if you are or have love ones who are in or listen to any of them -- This book is for you. It is amazing how far the "Word of Faith" movement moves from what the Bible clearly teaches. With this book you will learn about some the history of the "Word of Faith" movement. The Fathers of the movement and some of the current stars of it. You will also walk through some the major tentants of the movement.... and how it contrasts with the Bible and Historic Christianity.... 1. The reason of Faith and how it works in the spiritual economy. 2. Who is God? Are God's hands tied and does he need our permission to do anything on earth? What is Man? A Little God or not? Is Satan a God? And What about Christ? Did he take on the essence of Satan and go to hell? 3. What about Christ's atonement save us and what do they say about it? 4. The issue of wealth and the name it claim it "God wants you to be rich!" 5. The issue of sickness and suffering and then after that Hank takes us back to the basics... What is neccesary for a healthy Christian walk and how to spot a haresy from 100 yards away... and a basic primer on apologetics (The Study of the Defense of the Faith) My only issue with this book is that the same quotes seem to be used over and over and over again. After awhile it does start to wear on you. On the positive Hank and his crew set out to make a highly readable, understandable, highly documented (Over 50 pages of notes), and usable book about the differences between the "Word of Faith" movement and Historic - Evangelical Christianity (Including pentecostals). Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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