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  • The island of adventure by Enid Blyton

    Edition: Macmillan Children's Books

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    The author of the book: Enid Blyton

    Book Title: The island of adventure

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    Date of issue: September 2009

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This is the 1st in a series of 8 books that I've read many times during my childhood.Used to get them at the library every summer, sometimes I read them in order, sometimes not, it didn't really matter, I enjoyed them whatever way I read them.To be honest, it wasn't reading, it was sharing the adventures with the characters, they did get into some predicaments, ones we all dreamed about getting into ourselves as kids in real life! I got the boxed set for Christmas when I was 40, I read them again. Again when I was 50 and yes, I'll read them again someday. They bring me back to endless summer days of innocence, leading a sheltered, protected life and turning pages and getting lost in exciting adventure with my 4 friends. I think revisiting these books from time to time has had a hand in keeping me young at heart.Someday is here! Read The Island of Adventure, yet again!I don't think I'll ever out grow this book, or the rest of the series. Not as long as I have a sense of adventure in my heart!

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For those who are bored to live

Compelling book!

The most favorite book of all books

When you regret the book ends!

The butterflies in my stomach have died ...

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