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  • Weep not, child by NgũGĩ Wa Thiong'O

    Date of issue: April 30th 1988

    Page views: 5272

    ISBN: 0435908308

    ISBN 13: 9780435908300

    Book Title: Weep not, child

    Edition: Heinemann Educational Books

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    The author of the book: NgũGĩ Wa Thiong'O

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The story is set in Kenya around the time of the Mau Mau Rebellion (1952-1960) when the nation was still a British colony. The blurbs call this book the author’s masterpiece.The main character is a bright young Christian boy, the only boy in his village who will pass school exams to go on to high school and then perhaps to college in England. When he gets to the high school level, it is the first time he has interacted with white people - the monks who teach at the school. Meanwhile all his older brothers (4 or 5 of them because his father has two wives) become involved in the rebellion and are hunted down and in some case tortured by the British authorities.A British man controls the big farm in the area at which his father works. The white man also controls the black tribal village chief. Of the wealthy chief, who lives in a European-style house, the boy’s father says: “A white man is a white man. But a black man trying to be a white man is bad and harsh.” Of the lost land, the tribal leaders say “The Bible paved the way for the sword.” When the rebellion begins it was said of the white man “The machine he set in motion was working. The blacks were destroying the blacks. They would destroy themselves to the end.” As the young boy matures, he is amazed to learn that it wasn’t always this way – village elders remember the time when the white man’s land was their own land. Local black men were also conscripted as servants to white soldiers in WW I and as soldiers in WW II. They see these European wars as “white men’s Wars.”Young love is another theme. The main character and the tribal chiefs daughter are in love but the class difference keeps them apart as does his brothers being in the rebellion against men like her father. The violence gets so atrocious that she writes to him at school: “Fear in the air. Not a fear of death – it’s a fear of living.” A snippet of dialog I liked:“I wonder why he left England, the home of learning, and came here. He must be foolish.”“I don’t know. You cannot understand a white man.”A good story of developing African independence and rebellion against colonialism. A short read, less than 150 pages. top photo: ebony.combottom photo:

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Why is she out! It must be endless!

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This book would read to every man for ...

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It was a surprisingly interesting book. Very highly recommended.

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