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  • Cinderella: an art deco love story by Lynn Roberts

    The author of the book: Lynn Roberts

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    Date of issue: April 17th 2003

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    Book Title: Cinderella: an art deco love story

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Cinderella, An Art Deco Love Story, by Lynn Roberts is a retelling of the Cinderella story in the 1920-30 Art Deco time period. In this version of the fairytale, Cinderella’s father is a “quite forgetful and could not see anything at all without his glasses.” As a result, he returns home two weeks late from a business trip with a woman whose “beauty was such that it could only be recognized by a few (particularly those who had lost their glasses).” This is a cleverly written and illustrated story in which the text and illustrations come together beautifully to capture the opulent Art Deco time period, resulting in many unusual and often humorist twists to this story. I would recommend this book for student in grades k-5, as well as adults. This is a great example of how fairy tales are able to transcend time and place. Students will enjoy hearing this story and comparing it to the more traditional version. It would be a text that would easily foster interesting discussions, as well as writing responses from the class.

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Watch out! Maybe a fundamental change in your life!

You can, and you should read it.

Why is she out! It must be endless!

This book changed my life!

Easy to read, easy to understand!

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