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  • Eloise takes a bawth by Kay Thompson

    Edition: Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers

    ISBN 13: 9780689842887

    Uploaded: 2537 times

    The author of the book: Kay Thompson

    ISBN: 0689842880

    Book Title: Eloise takes a bawth

    Date of issue: October 22nd 2002

    Last download: 2 days ago

    Page views: 5404

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I'm conflicted about this one. On the positive side, our almost-3-year-old loved Eloise Takes a Bawth. Since we checked it out of the library, she's asked almost every night for me to read "Eloise take BAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!!" as her bedtime story. Hilary Knight's illustrations are absolutely beautiful. And I love Eloise's imagination and spunk at times, but not all the time.Living in the penthouse of the Plaza Hotel with a nanny who simply cuddles her after she does $5 million in damage to the hotel ballroom? Flooding the bathroom on purpose as a way to have imaginitive high seas adventures? The annoying pronunciation of the letter "a"? The refusal to use punctuation? What can I say, Eloise, Nanny, and the writing style annoyed the heck out of me.My three stars are based only on high quality illustrations and Sigourney's adoration of the story. Otherwise, I'd slap this one with two stars or fewer.

Reviews for the book Eloise takes a bawth

An enticing cover and a controversial story.

A wonderful book, like all the works of this author.

There are significant drawbacks

Best among ordinary

Why is she out! It must be endless!

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