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  • Teenage mutant ninja turtles: tortugas ninja, volumen 1 by Kevin Eastman

    The author of the book: Kevin Eastman

    Edition: Deux Graphica Studio

    Date of issue: March 2007

    Book Title: Teenage mutant ninja turtles: tortugas ninja, volumen 1

    ISBN: 987234700X

    Last download: 18 days ago

    ISBN 13: 9789872347000

    Page views: 3345

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The book that started it all.In the early nineties I picked up the four Ninja Turtles books at a MacFrugals for $0.50 each. I read them so many times I can’t even count. I since have lost all contact with those volumes so I acquired some new ones through the miracle that is Amazon.com used book sales. I paid considerably more for them this time (though I think the most expensive one was on the order of five or six dollars).The Ninja Turtles were intended as a satire for some of the comics that were popular in the mid eighties. In 1986 they were something new that quickly went from independent parody to mainstream media. By the mid nineties they had a television show and action figure line along with several movies, kids books, storybooks, cake pans and anything else you can imagine.The beginning of the series is somewhat more humble, and decidedly less kid oriented. Splinter, the mutant rat and the Turtle’s master, has trained the Turtles for one purpose – revenge on the man who killed Splinter’s master. It doesn’t matter that he is a vicious killer and leader of a crime syndicate. It doesn’t matter that The Shredder dresses like a man who has been crossbred with a blender. The Turtles are seeking vengeance and they will stop at nothing.They are brutal warriors and tremendously skilled despite their diminutive statures but they haven’t put any thought into what to do next. What to do when all has been avenged, when your life is focused on one purpose, and that purpose involves violence and retribution, what do you do when you get what you’ve wanted all along.This book doesn’t answer those questions, probably because it isn’t really possible but it does ask them. Then it leads you on a grand adventure as the Turtles struggle to find meaning in a world where they can’t be known and their very origins is a mystery to them.This is a grand start.

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Interesting and nontrivial story

Total disappointment

Not impressed

This story is going to be remembered for a long time.

Why do I need to drive a phone number?

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